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Let´s try to explain what is going on in Brazil

We don´t like our president. We elected her for her second term about a year ago. Now that we have realized she is corrupt we don´t want her in the government any longer. Actually, we already knew she was corrupt by the election, but the other guy running for president was also corrupt.

We don´t like our former president. He is corrupt too. Many people believe he can be the next president anyway. The only way to keep him away from the office is by putting him in jail. He was recently appointed by the president as Chief of Staff because he was about to be arrested and he thought that way he would have a better chance to face trials in our Supreme Court.
Almost all Supreme Court members were appointed by the president or the former president, but they don´t like either of them. We too don´t like the Supreme Court because they acquitted some corrupt friends of the president’s.

We don´t like the Speaker of The House of Representatives. But since he doesn´t like the president, he has been trying to remove her from the office faster than the Supreme Court. The problem is that he could turn out to be the president himself, and we don´t want that either. And, guess what?, he is also corrupt.


Another corrupt guy is the president of the Senate. Brazil and the US have different rules: the vice-president is not the president of the Senate. We know that both of them are working to remove the president from the office. Depending on how the president is removed from the office, then the vice-president might be the next president or he could be removed together with her. No, we don´t like those guys either.

So, to get rid of the people we don´t like we are getting help from other people we don´t like and we could get ruled by people we like even less because we don´t like the guys who present themselves as alternatives.

Got it?

Fonte: ASIMOVIA – Um blog inconformado em uma sociedade que se conforma com tudo.

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